Questions & Answers about the Battling Ropes

Why is the Battling Ropes training system different from other training systems?
The Battling Ropes system is unlike any other training methods due to the non-momentum effect. For example, with other methods such as barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells, gravity takes over as the weight goes back towards the ground. During this time when gravity takes over, momentum is used which gives the body and mind a chance to relax. With the Battling Ropes training velocity is used and must be maintained throught the training. This forces the user to train or compete at a higher level of intensity which will last longer durations of time.

How was the system created?
The system was created by John Brookfield who was using and developing the system for his own needs. John basically created the foundation of the Battling Ropes from the concept of a hurricane where the constant flow of the waves gave him the idea to create a series of waves with the ropes.

Why do you use 50-foot ropes?
Much research was used to come up with the 50-foot rope as the standard rope for the velocity training. The 50-foot rope allows someone to progress properly through the system and continue to get results. Also, we start younger athletes on the standard 50-foot ropes due to the visual motivation factor. For example, if you have a fourteen-year-old female athlete can't roll the wave or waves all the way to the end, she has visual motivation and can see what the goal is. After a few workouts she can see her waves getting stronger and going farther. This, of course, is very motivating and forces her to work harder.

What are the 100 foot ropes used for?
The 100-foot ropes are used for the Pole system, which is the strength endurance phase of the system.

What is the difference between the Poly ropes and Manilla ropes?
The poly ropes are a non-shed synthetic rope which are water resistent and made for long life and durability. They do not shed fibers and are perfect for inside use where you don't want the shedding. The traditional Manilla ropes are like the ones people used to climb in gym class. They are durable, however, do not last as long as the poly ropes. They do shed some fibers at times and are good for outside training or training in a garage or basement.

How long should it take to get results?
You will immediately enjoy and see the tremendous benefits of the training. However, velocity training is a missing link in training and will be challenging. With some steady work and determination, your body will start to adjust to the velocity traing and you will see results that will transfer into your sport or personal battlefield.

Are there different concepts to the training system?
Yes, there are actually seven different elements and concepts to the Battling Ropes system. The first concept is maintaining velocity which is the sustaining of the waves with the ropes. The second concept is the strength endurance phase which is the Pole System training. The other five methods have not been released yet.

Is there a way to learn the Battling Ropes and get certified?
Yes, John Brookfield trains and does coaches certifications. Please refer to the Certification Page for more information on the certification process.

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