John Brookfield can't count...

And that makes him one smart coach. John's primary focus is work capacity, task management, and technical efficiency. He uses fundamental patterns and simple equipment to create loads. Sets and reps don't really apply to the exercise equation. Persistence, patience, and safety are hallmarks of John's work. Don't just watch - do what John does. You will learn from both ends - his coaching and your movement experience.
Gray Cook, MSPT, CSCS
Creator and Developer, The Functional Movement Screen, FMS

Knowing John Brookfield has been a blessing for me. His 'old fashioned gentleman' demeanor is contrasted with his physical prowess and manual strength demonstrated in his 'strongman' performances. He understands how to build manual strength and has been a leader in novel approaches such as his Battling Ropes techniques. John has some valuable lessons to teach all those interested in strength.
Stuart McGill, PhD
Professor of Spine Biomechanics

Having been an athlete most of my life in a variety of different sports, I thought I had tried it all! The Battling Ropes are an inventive and creative way to not only challenge yourself physically but mentally as well. I believe John’s Battling Ropes methodologies can help improve and balance out any fitness and sports training program. I wish this existed when I was throwing hammers and pushing bobsleds!
Bethany Hart, CSCS
Elite Athlete in both Track and Field and Bobsled
Former Olympian, 2006 Winter Games

John Brookfield's training systems are just downright amazing! I thought I was in pretty good shape until I tried the Battling Ropes. Boy was I wrong! I felt muscles I hadn't felt work in such a way in years. And it was incredibly easy on the joints. His Battling Ropes Pole System is downright genius. I'm looking forward to exploring and applying his systems in my own and my clients' training. If you have the opportunity to train and learn from John, run--don't walk--to do so!
Geoff Neupert, CSCS
RKC Master Kettlebell Instructor

John Brookfield is perhaps the most creative mind in the fitness industry today. His methods seem simple at first glance, but upon digging deeper, you quickly discover the how disarmingly effective they are. Don't be a late adopter like I was— attend one of John's seminars and get on the cutting edge!
Charles Staley
Director, Staley Performance Institute

Very impressed! John’s Battling Ropes system is effective, safe, results-driven and has more depth/sophistication than most realize. Both he and Ingrid [Marcum] are the ideal combination of world-class athlete and teacher – they made the course interesting, fun and challenging (yes, you will work – this is hands-on training). I’ve already integrated the Battling Ropes into the conditioning program for my k-bell sport team and am seeing fantastic results. Great course! Highly recommended!
Ken Blackburn
Director of Operations/Head Instructor, IKFF

John Brookfield's Battling Ropes are a unique way to train yourself or your athletes for the up most conditioning for all sports. Football, baseball, MMA, it does not matter. Besides being a great conditioner, it will build a death grip. It's not just for rehab, but more importantly for prehab. I have a shoulder socket replacement and my range of motion has increased greatly. The ropes can be a serious training partner for sore shoulders or to push your cardio and muscular endurance. The DVDs that John presents are amazing. If you train alone or with training partners I highly recommend Battling Ropes to be a part of your workouts.
Louie Simmons
Owner, Worlds Strongest Gym, Westside Barbell

The modern day originator of Ropes training, arguable the strongest hands in the world and an unexpected endurance athlete - John Brookfield is all of this and more. If you are looking for the best information on training with Ropes then look no further because John has an extensive system with his Battling Ropes Training that is top notch.
Brett Jones, Master RKC, CSCS, CK-FMS

John Brookfield personally came and put my guys through a workout that lasted about 1.5 hours. It was one of the most physically exhausting workouts my guys will probably endure all season. I think what makes the Battling Ropes training so great is the limitless ability to adjust the resistance and the muscle groups worked. Also, there is no risk of injury. Our sport is such a constant grind and wear on the body, this is a great way to continue to train to exhaustion while giving your body a rest from the pounding. I know we will implement the ropes into our training quite a bit. I would highly recommend John Brookfield's Battling Ropes system.
Steve Anceravage
Two-time NCAA Division I Wrestling All-American
Assistant Wrestling Coach, North Carolina State University

As an athlete who has trained at an elite level for almost 30 years, it takes a lot for a new training system to impress me. But within just a few sessions, John Brookfield's Battling Ropes training system had clearly improved my power, strength, and muscular endurance. My sports--weightlifting and bobsledding--require a unique combination of strength and explosiveness, and Battling Ropes offers great physical and mental results. The ropes are simple to learn but tough to master! I am a better athlete thanks to John's encouraging guidance and his unwavering commitment to personal excellence. John is an amazing athlete and mentor who knows from experience what works when it comes to strength and conditioning.
Ingrid Marcum, CSCS
USA Weightlifting National Champion
USA Bobsled World Team member

I would recommend John Brookfield's Battling Ropes Workshop to anyone. I truly loved the relaxed casual environment. It made it much more motivating to learn the concepts without being under pressure. John is an amazing teacher who is extremely passionate about what he does. Any fitness enthusiast should learn from John on how to implement the Battling Ropes system in to their training regimen. You will regret not taking this ropes seminar. It's outstanding and I'd do it all over again in a heart beat. Thank you so much John, for being such a fantastic human being!
Lauren Brooks
RKC Team Leader, Clinical Nutritionist, and Creator of the "Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells" DVD Volume 1, 2, 3 and "Baby Bells" The Fit Pregnancy DVD

An eye opening experience! I recently completed the Certification Course with John Brookfield and I was amazed with the intensity and many benefits of training with ropes. Mr. Brookfield's Battling Ropes system is unique in a way that anybody from any age groups and background can benefit of his training. It will improve your conditioning, posture, movement patterns and maximize your efficiency of training in a very short time no matter what your goals are. Thanks again, John!
Ricardo A. Nieves, MD, CSCS, RKC
Colorado Spine, Pain and Sports Medicine, P.C.
Comrades Russian Kettlebell and Kodokan Judo

After spending two days with John and seeing how he transformed his body by simply doing the Battling Ropes is impossible to put into words. God gave us all amazing bodies and trying to find out the true potential of what the body can really do we will never know. John is that person who is finding out and revolutionizing the way we train and getting us closer to that unknown potential. If your a strength and conditioning coach who cares about your athletes and are looking to take them to higher levels, look no farther.
Jim Hartman
Owner, Grip4orce.com

We were privileged to have Mr. John Brookfield present the Battling Ropes system to our staff a few years ago and were able to experience firsthand the value of this innovative training method. We have since included the Battling Ropes in our program for a number of different applications on a year round basis. It is quite simply, a demanding and highly effective tool to increase power and the ability to endure.
Chip Morton
Professional Football Strength & Conditioning Coach

I have seen many old tools in strength and conditioning come back into favor over my years. Ropes used for climbing drills were essential conditioning tools in many sports for high level conditioning. However, I have to say I am truly impressed with the Battling Ropes system from John Brookfield. It is off the shelf and unique which are two points we like to use in the Burn With Kearns training. The drills are very adaptable for any sport, especially mixed martial arts. We use them regularly to train our MMA athletes and fighters.
Kevin Kearns
BS, Exercise Physiology
Strength and Conditioning Coach for MMA fighters Kenny Florian, Kurt Pellegrino and Marcus Davis

After Receiving the Battling Ropes, myself and my students started to use and try all the many different ways it could be used. Being a Wing Chun Teacher, 70% of our training is surrounded around the upper body. After a week of use, myself and my students noticed the benefits of the outstanding Battling Ropes system of exercises and training. I'm sure all my students will benefit from this in the excellent way the system is put together. To say the least, after the first workout we knew this was what the doctor ordered.
Master Alan Goldberg
Wing Chun Master
Publisher, Action Martial Arts Magazine

Almost everything in the strength and conditioning worlds is rediscovery. I know that all the muscle magazines and everyone in the world touts whatever their particular training is this month as the 'newest cutting-edge discovery,' but if you understand the real history of strength and conditioning you'll know that almost everything has been done before, forgotten and then 'rediscovered.' John has come up with what I believe is one of the only authentically innovative training methods in the last 100 years - and there are few. I truly appreciated being able to learn this system from its originator. Anyone else who's showing rope training is copying John. I know of almost no other method that allows you to train velocity and forces you to maintain it along with pure physical output over a period of time. The strength and conditioning benefits to be gained here are unheard of. In fact this may be one of the keys to unlocking the next level of human performance. Add that to the incredible safety and simplicity of the training and you just can't beat it. I'm one of the most hardcore trainers anyone on the planet will ever meet and make no mistake this training looks easy, but it's the farthest thing from it. You may be saying to yourself, "What can you possibly do slapping those ropes around?" All you need to do is get the guts to try it and you'll see. If it makes the most in-shape people on the planet breath like a tornado and beg for mercy - which it does - don't you think you shouldn't miss out on it?
Bud Jeffries
Professional Strength Athlete
World Record Holder

Awesome...is the only word to describe John Brookfield's Strength and Speed Development Program presented at James F. Byrnes High School. We at Byrnes High were honored that a strength professional with John Brookfield's worldwide reputation took the time and effort to work with our high school football team. Coach Brookfield's Battling Ropes training system will become a vital part of our athletic development program. We have already begun using the Tsunami Wave rope drill and the Tasmanian Devil towel drill during our speed training workouts. Coach Brookfield was the ultimate professional when teaching his drills. He took the time to explain and demonstrate each drill so that our players quickly mastered the necessary techniques. His Battling Ropes program is simple to learn, cost effective, can be done almost anywhere and is an effective training tool for both genders and any sport! We feel strongly enough about the Battling Ropes program that John Brookfield has been invited to present his training program to all of the athletic coaches in South Carolina at the South Carolina Athletic Coaches Association Annual Clinic in North Charleston, South Carolina. I feel that any team or school that incorporates a John Brookfield training program will get better immediately! The James F. Byrnes High Rebels will keep up our association with John Brookfield for many years.
Michael Srock
Speed & Strength Coach, James F. Byrnes High School, Duncan, South Carolina
#1 Ranked High School Program Nationally and 8-time South Carolina State Football Champions

John Brookfield’s Battling Ropes program is the single most innovative program I have experienced in my 18+ years in the fitness industry. I can have 100 Recruits step up with absolutely no rope training experience and have them all training at a high intensity in absolute safety and with great form in literally less than a minute. What’s more, I can have a de-conditioned housewife training right next to an elite Special Forces operative and be assured that they are both getting a great workout.
Chief J. Brabon
Founder & Global Master Trainer, Original Boot Camp

John’s Battling Ropes system is one of a kind. As owner of Athletic Performance, Inc. and founder of the Caveman Training™ system, I thought I was in good shape. Boy, was I wrong. The two days I spent with John wiped me out! John’s system is so unique and revolutionary that I instilled it into our training programs as soon as I got home from his training. After implementing the system, my athletes have noticed a dramatic increase in their fitness level. Their conditioning, grip strength and pain tolerance are now through the roof. John is a consummate professional, an awesome instructor and now a great friend. I look forward to a long relationship with John and the Battling Ropes System.
Scott Ramsdell
President, Athletic Performance, Inc.
Strength & Conditioning Coach for Brock Lesnar, Sean Sherk and Kaitlin Young

John came to demonstrate some of the Battling Ropes techniques to our collegiate wrestlers at NC State and the group gave positive feedback to the training session. John taught that there is an aspect of intensity and power that is difficult to attain in traditional workout settings, however, with the Battling Ropes training this is very attainable. Many wrestlers were challenged by the movement patterns with the ropes. We are looking at implementing this type of training into our routine since John has brought this style to us.
Chris Morland
Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, North Carolina State Wolfpack

John Brookfield opened my eyes to a whole new level of fitness and body conditioning. Battling Ropes is an amazing and effective tool that I will frequently use with my clients to improve strength, cardiovascular and endurance performance. John was a great coach, with amazing creativity and skill. His course was extremely informative and challenging. He had some neat tricks up his sleeve and I can't wait to see what he develops next!!
David Jacobson
Owner, fusion2fitness.com

It was an honor to train with you during the recent Battling Ropes Instructor Certification. Aside from your in-depth knowledge of training and excellent method of teaching, knowing that you are the originator of this type of training was an extra blessing! As with any excellent training system, like CrossFit for example, many will try to copy what you do but they will not have the full knowledge of how rope training really works. I was humbled, challenged, and rewarded by your training.
Frank DiMeo
Owner, CrossFit Gulf Coast

I thought I have seen and done everything in life, especially with my prior experience from serving in the U.S. Marine Corps to being a Sports Performance Coach and Personal Trainer. I thought even training with Kettlebells and being in excellent cardio shape would make me a very fit individual, until I tried John Brookfield's Battling Ropes. When I first saw some of the exercises on the Battling Ropes, I thought they looked relatively easy. As soon as I completed my first round of exercises, I was blown away by the intensity it delivered in such a short amount of time. Nothing in the sports or fitness industry can compare to it - not sprint intervals, not even Kettlebells. John Brookfield's Battling Ropes system is the original! Beware, there are many people out there that may claim that they have experience with ropes and some might say they have created their own system. If you want to do things the right way and separate yourself from everyone else, take on the Battling Ropes challenge and get certified. Thank you for the awesome experience and opportunity, Mr. Brookfield!
Justin J. Chin
Sergeant, USMC
Certified Personal Trainer
Sports Performance Coach (USAW)
KettleBell Concepts Level 1 Instructor

Battling Ropes is by far one of the best, most challenging workouts I have ever done. It complements kettlebell training extremely well. As sole owner of a kettlebell training studio in Durham, NC, I look forward to introducing my clients to training with Battling Ropes. As the certification began, it didn’t take long to know where your level of fitness begins and ends. Wow! What a workout. And the variety of training is endless; so much to gain! Endurance, increased speed, increased strength, core conditioning, grip strength, you name it! You can achieve it with these Battling Ropes! It also is mind and body working together. Very similar to the kettlebell training we teach at Rapid Results Fitness. John is a delight to learn from, very approachable in his demeanor. Don’t let his size and strength scare you. He is simply AMAZING! And, he is very humble in all that he does and knows. If you have chance to attend this certification, I highly recommend it! Thanks for ‘teaching me the ropes’, John!
Betsy Collie
Owner and Head Instructor, Rapid Results Fitness
RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge) Level II Instructor
Z Health Trainer, Level I
AFAA certified in Group Fitness and Personal Training

As a sports and orthopedic physical therapist I have seen huge benefits from the Battling Rope system for my back, neck and shoulder patients in particular. When working with professional athletes, the Battling Ropes system has provided an adjunct to rehab that previously could not be obtained until they reach a certain level of recovery; the Battling Ropes system actually speeds up their recovery from their injuries and as an orthopedic physical therapist it has provided a great tool for my patients that are in need of exercises for their upper extremities, especially for those who are wheelchair bound. I highly recommend John Brookfield’s Battling Ropes system for anyone at any age from my oldest patient, who is 102, to my youngest patient, currently who is 8.
Davis Koh, DPT, MBA, GCS, CSCS
Owner & Physical Therapist, KOH Physical Therapy Lab

I had heard of Battling Ropes and was looking forward to certification. Yet to my surprise, no video comes close to experiencing a Battling Ropes workout with creator John Brookfield. I have a competitive background in bodybuilding, martial arts, Dragon Boat Racing and I served our country in the US Marine Corps. So I thought that I was in good shape, yet in less than 1 minute I was totally wasted doing a basic move: the wave. I've been in martial arts and fitness for over 35 years, yet I've never experienced such a grueling workout and the best part about it that is that there is no impact, so you'll stay injury free. At 52-years-old and with numerous injuries, I can say that this workout was God sent. I have numerous fitness and martial arts certifications and I have been a speaker at martial arts conferences, yet I have not met anyone as knowledgeable as John Brookfield. John is a world-class athlete and multi-record holder in diverse disciplines. Usually great coaches and innovators are not world class athletes and world class athletes don't make good instructors. John is the exception to this rule being an athlete, coach, book and DVD author and an innovator. I highly recommend Battling Ropes to athletes, kids, men, women and seniors and I'm presently using it at my martial arts/fitness center.
Julio Anta
Kung Fu Master, Hung Gar Kung Fu
Owner, Anta's Fitness and Self Defense
Video author, Shaolin Physical Conditioning DVD

It was an absolute privilege to train with John. He has extraordinary skills and creativity. The Battling Ropes Training System is a unique way of training for combat or for the cage. I would recommend training with John to anyone.
Greg Thompson
Chief Combative Instructor, H2H
Owner of Team ROC, Professional MMA school

I came in thinking I knew all the basics of the Battling Ropes having used them for over 2 years and what John showed me blew my mind! It was great! I was really happy to see all the other ways of using your Battling Ropes and look forward to learning more great drills. The simple effectiveness of the Battling Ropes is amazing and the manner that you showed the drills made it easy for all to implement into their training regimes. I know we have already added many of the drills to our workouts and have only had 110% positive feedback...they all were cussing during the workout! Ha, ha! The quick hands drill is awesome! I highly recommend John's Battling Ropes training as it is simple, extremely effective and will greatly improve strength, power and endurance like crazy!
Jon Hinds
Owner & Founder, Monkey Bar Gymnasium
Former NBA Strength & Conditioning Coach

A few months ago, I was speaking on the phone with John Brookfield about the subject strength and the ability to sustain effort over time, which is something both of us are fascinated by and value very highly. "You know, David," he said. "I have developed a new training system I call Battling Ropes. You should check it out, I really think you'd like it." Coming from John and knowing his reputation and achievements, I expected it to be awesome. I was not disappointed! I got the DVDs and a 50-foot, 2-inch thick manila rope. After scanning through the DVDs, I drug the rope out of the box in my backyard and looped through a kettlebell handle. After about 10 minutes of doing the Battling Ropes drills I had a great sweat going, my heart was racing and I had effectively worked everything from my grip and hands to my hamstrings and all points in between. The rope is now a part of my own workouts several days a week. Some days it is the main component, some days I use it to completly finish myself off after I do my regular kettlebell workouts. John's Battling Ropes training system is a unique, effective and painful way to improve your ability to generate sustained force and speed. John's concept of continuous velocity (what he calls the combination of strength and speed at the same time) will stress your entire system all at once. Strength, power and endurance are all affected at the same time and very quickly. It works!
David Whitley, Sr., RKC

I first saw the Battling Ropes system from another trainer at my club about a year ago and thought he was crazy. I had no idea what type of workout he thought he could do with a piece of single piece of rope. One day, I let one of my clients try it and he was hooked. I then lost that client one day a week to that trainer and the rope. This is such a great thing to add to your training program. It does wonders for strength, endurance and it's just plain FUN. Since getting certified, I've done the Battling Ropes with just about everyone from a 12-year-old girl, a 67-year-old man and a legally blind woman. I purchased two Battling Ropes for my club and we actually have reserve times for when the trainers get to use them since they get used so often. John, I really appreciate you taking the time to come to my club and personally teaching us the Battling Ropes system. It was a pleasure meeting you and learning the system from you.
Gina Scuderi
Fitness Director, Bally Total Fitness, Medford, MA

What is most amazing about Battling Ropes is the man who teaches the system. A legend in his own time, John Brookfield is a man of immense character and passion for physical and spiritual growth. From the moment I first touched the ropes, I knew I was in for a workout I wouldn't soon forget. John's ability to teach was profound: In addition to his physical abilities as an athlete, he imparted on me a deep understanding of Battling Ropes and the significance of velocity training. I am excited to continue my training in Battling Ropes. I am certain his system will enhance my athletic abilities and my performance in the CrossFit workouts. Thanks, John!
Greg Amundson
Crossfit coach and record holder, Crossfit Santa Cruz

John Brookfield's one-mile endurance truck pulls are a great feat of strength and strength endurance. They require great conditioning and great mental toughness. John has developed a tremendous degree of both.
Mark Philippi
Seven-time World's Strongest Man competitor
America's Strongest Man winner, 1977
Owner, Philippi Sports Institute

As an ex-NFL player and college football coach, John has given me another way to train my athletes with his Battling Ropes. John's Battling Ropes system develops mid-line stabilization, digital strength and, best of all, an intense anaerobic workout that can be used for any sport or occupation. Strength training at high intensity transfers into power and speed and this is what John has developed with his Battling Ropes system.
Andy Hendel
Former NFL special teams captain, Miami Dolphins
Owner, CrossFit Charlotte

Battling Ropes training is great. It is a total body sprint. I nearly blacked out my first try. Days later, my arms were still pumped. I love being able to go full fury without having to worry about something breaking or getting hurt. The workout leaves my lungs feeling larger and I noticed better stamina after only two sessions.
David Ellis
National Judo Champion
Olympic Judo team

A truly innovative and exciting method of training, John Brookfield’s Battling ropes program brings a much needed Unique and Creative approach to fitness training.
Emily Hames
Director of Operations, Original Bootcamp International

John Brookfield is one of the most impressive teachers I've had the good fortune of meeting. His Battling Ropes course takes a simple tool--a rope--and turns it into a whole body workout. John does more than simply instruct, he inspires. His relaxed delivery, colorful anecdotes, and calm sense of technical knowledge are only rivaled by his incredible strength. I consider the opportunity to work with John on the short list of physical workshops on anyone's "bucket list". If John is giving a workshop in your area, by all means attend. You will never be disappointed.
Tom Furman

The Battling Ropes training spike the heart rate and quickly fatigue the upper-body. An athlete who has suffered a lower-body injury would find this to be a great alternative to UBE ergometers. We hope to utilize them with our injured players during practice.
Chris Combs
Duke University Strength and Conditioning
Pittsburgh Steelers, 2000-2001
Jacksonville Jaguars, 2002-2003

John Brookfield's Battling Ropes are quickly becoming one of my favorite tools for developing power and endurance in every inch of the body as well as an amazing conditioning tool. We have only just begun to tap into the endless potential of the ropes and all our athletes are feeling the powerful effects immediately. This is a must-have tool for athletes; I have seriously never felt anything like this from any other training implement.
Zach Even-Esh
Underground Strength Coach
Crossfit Underground

John Brookfield is a pioneer in strength training. Once again, he is writing a new chapter in the strength training world. I have been involved in martial arts and strength training for thirty plus years and nobody understands strength training like John Brookfield. My first experience with the Battling Ropes was an eye opener to say the least. The program is incredible. It works every muscle in your body and mimics the fight energy you need for sport, or real life situations. It's truly a unique workout. If your strength training and don't have this program, you are missing out. There is no doubt, John Brookfield's Battling Ropes training is one of the missing links in training. It's a demanding workout that will challenge you mentally and physically, preparing your body to deal with lactic acid. During this workout you are competing against the rope and yourself. You will get results you never thought possible. If you want a workout that will humble you and bring you to a new level, this is it. Thanks, John, for introducing a new era in strength and conditioning.
Charlie Lysak
9th degree black belt Sento Method
7th degree black belt Jiu Jitsu
6th degree black belt Pankration
6th degree black belt in American Kick Boxing
Martial Arts Hall of Fame
Founder of Primal Strength and Conditioning

If you want to learn from a true professional, a coach and mentor with honor and integrity, then look no further than John Brookfield and his Battling Ropes. The results I have witnessed with my clients in the past 2 years have been nothing short of miraculous! Keep in mind many of these clients have everything from lower back issues and weight loss obstacles to fitness and athletic performance goals. The ropes are a tool everyone can benefit from.
Matt DiGennaro
Strength Coach

I would rank John Brookfield as one of the very top strength athletes in the world. Easily some of the strongest hands in the world, but he's also got crazy endurance whether its tossing around heavy kettlebells, pulling huge trucks, or swinging ropes. If you get a chance to learn from John shut up and start taking notes.
Logan Christopher

I've known John Brookfield for almost 20 years, going to back to when he was an active professional strongman in the classic sense and aspired to have the world's strongest hands. John went on to become the second man in the world to officially close the Captains of Crush® No. 3 Gripper and the first man to get certified for bending the Ironmind® Red Nail, which he did in very traditional style. But his book, Mastery of Hand Strength, showed an even greater gift that John has which is a creative mind coupled with an unblinking belief in his latest concepts that has allowed John to keep churning out new training ideas, benefiting both his own training and that of those lucky enough to learn from him.
Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D.
President of Ironmind

After going through the Battling Ropes Certification course with John, my fitness level has been pushed farther than ever before. The program compliments API's Caveman Training™ in such a way that it reinforces the same principles of working in the "redzone". The simplicity of the Battling Ropes makes it so easy to take anywhere and still achieve a tremendous workout. The ropes look so easy but once you have tried it, the feeling of easy is evaporated and it truly tests the true grit of the person. My strength in my total body, especially my grip and hand strength.
Matt Olson
Strength & Conditioning Coach for Brock Lesnar, Sean Sherk and Kaitlin Young

Thanks, John, for coming to the Olympic Center to teach our wrestlers your Battling Ropes system. It was great to get all the instruction directly from you, the creator of the system. I strongly believe that your Battling Ropes system will benefit our wrestlers in a great way. All of the wrestlers quickly saw how the training will help them go to the next level.
Ivan Ivanov
Head Greco Roman wrestling coach, Olympic training center
Silver Medalist 1994 world championships
Six-time Bulgarian national champion

I think that John Brookfield's Battling Ropes training system is one of the best functionally sports-specific activities for cross training. The Battling Ropes allow the athlete to develop muscular, as well as cardiovascular endurance, which is a must for any wrestler.
Jim Gruenwald
Assistant Greco Roman wrestling coach, Olympic training center
Two-time Olympian 2000 & 2004
American championship gold medalist, 1998

[I] use the Battling Ropes System as an innovative and dynamic way to enhance an individual's workout experience. From weight loss goals to performance enhancement goals, the Battling Ropes System has tremendous crossover appeal and can be adapted to the needs of any clientele. More importantly, it's fun!
Adam Wharton
National Director of Personal Training Development, Bally Total Fitness
Level I Battling Ropes Coach
NASM-CPT, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist

No matter what your sport, profession or hobby, the Battling Ropes System is an awesome training system for developing a body capable and prepared for anything. John is truly a gentle giant. His instruction is clear and his teaching method will put you at ease. John is a great teacher; humble, patient and genuine. I would recommend Battling Ropes to anyone serious about building a powerful, functional body.
Tim Anderson
Owner, T.A.'s Fitness

I was in the CrossFit Cert in Charlotte and would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the exposure to your Battling Ropes system – all that I can say is WOW! I was absolutely shocked at the intensity of a 60-second workout with the rope! Thank you!
Lieutenant R.J. Long
South Carolina Highway Patrol

John, I wanted to thank you again for the personal instruction with the Battling Ropes. The Pole System and Battling Ropes system are the type of training that is only needed to be tried once to know that these are systems that will bring the type of results that a strength athlete must have to succeed. The application of the Battling Ropes systems you developed will bring strength to all parts of the body, including the grip as well as cardiovascular conditioning. As a stonelifter, I am always looking for ways to conquer the largest of stones. A good stonelifter needs to be strong and have a high degree of cardiovascular conditioning, attributes that can be enhanced with the Battling Ropes systems you devised. Thank you again for the the personal instruction in the most novel and groundbreaking strength and conditioning tool I have ever seen.
Dr. Bill Crawford
"Full-sterkur" stonelifter (carried The famous Husafell Stone in Iceland a complete trip around the fabled goat pen of Snorri Bjornsson)

My heart rate has never gotten up so fast! Battling Ropes is an incredible smoker for the entire body, inside and out. John Brookfield has developed a system that I can use with clients of all levels to deliver amazing results. Because of the wide variety of exercises you can do with the ropes, you will never get bored. If you want a versatile and effective training tool, train with John to learn the Battling Ropes!
Shawn Manning
RKC Instructor and Battling Ropes Coach

After my first introduction to Battling Ropes, I knew it was something that was revolutionary. My friend who introduced me to John Brookfield tried to explain the system to me many times, but the idea of getting a good workout by using ropes seemed laughable at best. However, since I am always open to giving new things a try, I went to check it out. I was astonished by the professionalism of John and the effectiveness of the Battling Ropes system. It impressed me so much that two weeks later I enrolled into the Instructor Certification Program. Now that I am an Instructor, I plan to teach this system at my gym, thus introducing others to the Battling Ropes revolution.
Hakim Isler
Founder, Elite Guard, LLC
2nd degree To-Shin Do Black Belt (modern-day ninjutsu)

John Brookfield's Battling Ropes training helps me keep my cardio and strength conditioning up to the olympic level. The training greatly increases my intensity level as well as my grip strength. The training is like pushing through the hardest match of your life, even though you are only battling the rope. I highly recommend the Battling Ropes training for any wrestler or combat athlete.
Jake Herbert
NCAA champion & Three-time All-American, Northwestern University

I had a try at Mr. Brookfield's Battling Ropes training. Boy, was I surprised! As a former British SAS member, I thought I had seen everything. The basic velocity training pushed me to the extreme to keep going and the partner training was deceptive to say the least. I tried my best to keep up with Mr. Brookfield's surging of the rope, but I could of easier held on to a tiger's tail.
James M.
Former British SAS
Rugby coach

I have known some very strong guys. However, John is one of those super rare guys who is not simply among the strongest in the world, but is truly head-and-shoulders above the rest of us. His specialty feats of strength are inconceivable in their scope and difficulty. All of his otherworldly power comes from his limitless faith and unending innovativeness and creativity. When it comes to developing strength, John smashes through all barriers. He knows no boundaries. Over his lifetime, he has developed thousands of simple and effective exercises and concepts. These home-grown approaches are available to everyone through his books, DVDs and seminars. His approach is simple, easy to understand, field-tested and proven. John Brookfield is a great hero, inspiration and friend to me and many of my other superstrong friends.
Philip Pfister
2006 World's Strongest Man Champion

In my 25 years in the Health and Fitness business, the biggest challenge has been, and continues to be, getting more people involved in fitness, and, once involved, adhering to a consistent regimen of exercise and healthy eating as a way of life. In this effort, I have found the best way to accomplish this is to make sure the person is “smiling, sweating, and having fun.” To do this, a fitness professional MUST be able to offer a wide variety of training modalities, and incorporate these into a client’s workout plan in a safe, yet progressive manner. One such workshop that introduced a new training "modality" recently was the Battling Ropes workshop, taught by John Brookfield. Incorporating different size Battling Ropes (we used the 1-1/2-inch, 50 foot rope as well as a 2-inch, 100-foot rope), a trainer can utilize the skills learned in this workshop with all levels of clients. The Battling Ropes workout incorporates a combination of training benefits, including anaerobic conditioning, aerobic conditioning, core/dynamic stabilization, upper body anaerobic endurance, total body muscle synergy recruitment, strength training incorporating "push/pull" movements . Along with these benefits, one can also utilize the Battling Ropes for functional specific movements for a wide variety of activities, for both groups as well as individuals. The combination of variety of training uses along with the uniqueness of using the Battling Ropes as "something different" has created a new excitement among our personal training clients, and has drawn the attention of many club members who want to try something "new and exciting." I would highly recommend the Battling Ropes workshop to any Fitness Professional looking to expand their training skills as well as their client base. John runs a great workshop, and teaches it with a passion and level of excitement that is sure to carry over with the participants.
Bob Cosmo
Area Director, Bally Total Fitness

I discovered the Battling Ropes system when I was in search of something to supplement my traditional barbell, dumbbell, and elliptical workouts. What I found was something more. It combined the feeling of traditional weight training and cardiovascular work into one extremely challenging and oddly enjoyable workout. As a personal trainer and high school football coach, I have found tremendous success training both clients and players with the Battling Ropes system.
Eric Dawson
Personal trainer
High school football coach
Former offensive lineman, North Dakota State University

In May 2008, I attended the Battling Ropes certification with John Brookfield. I am an individual who learns by performing the movement, rather than being told what to do or seeing it drawn on a board or in a book. Mr. Brookfield’s course is all hands-on training with science and sweat to backup the workout’s claims. I would highly recommend Battling Ropes to any coach, fitness trainer or serious athlete that wants to increase their knowledge of how the body works, and learn how to out perform the competition. I have great respect for Mr. Brookfield and his family, and I am very proud and honored to have John as a friend and mentor. Anyone that wants to increase strength and endurance needs to give John Brookfield a call and sign up for the next Battling Ropes course.
James Woodall
Owner, Woodall's Fitness Training

Thank you for coming out and getting our staff and athletes started on your Battling Ropes system. We are blessed to have the creator of the system on site teaching for our training. I know that your Battling Ropes system will greatly help our athletes push themselves to a whole new level of fitness and confidence to push past their limits.
Chris Metzger
Head Football Coach, Pinecrest High School, Southern Pines, NC

After mastering so many aspects of fitness, John Brookfield took the time to show me that there was a missing link. Wow, after 30 seconds I wanted to pretend I had the flu...he stuck with me and didn't give up on me. I have seen the benefits to the Battling Ropes, but to embrace them and learn to love them have taken me to a whole new level.
Michelle J Benedict, CA
USA Weightlifting Club Coach
CrossFit Level II Instructor
Catalyst Athletics Level I Coach
Battling Ropes Level I Coach

Awesome workout. I got both ropes; my kids think it is fun and that’s huge to me!!! I tell you, it kicked my butt the first time! Wow!
Tarek D.
Officer, Selbyville, Delaware

As impressive and result-producing as John Brookfield's Battling Ropes system is, the most amazing thing that I experienced was John's own ability with the Battling Ropes. As a member of an elite military unit, I must say the man was amazing in his own performance. He was very humble in his manner and presentation, however, his speed with the Battling Ropes was almost mesmerizing. A few of us also got the honor to try out the sports version of John's system. I was able to win my first two matches and thought I was supreme until I had a try with John on the other end of the ropes. To put it simple, now I know why John is not only the creator, but also the grand master of the Battling Ropes system.
Charles W.
U.S. Marine Recon

John, first I would like to thank you for taking the time to teach me about your training system. Boy, was I floored by how my body felt after only a few short minutes! What I love about your system is that it eliminates the fear of injury because when you done, your done. There is no fear of dropping weights on your head or falling due to fatigue. At the end of the day, you have taken a simple 1-1/2” and 2” rope and made it into a total body workout that every combat athlete should be doing as part of their training program. I HIGHLY recommend it to all my athletes. Great product by a great coach!
Michael Fry
Grapplers Gym
Force One Readiness

We use the Battling Ropes in our combat circuits. In my opinion, there isn't anything out there that replicates the demands of stand up grappling/pummeling as well as the Battling Ropes.
Jason Brown
Kettlebells for Combat
Kettlebell Athletics

John Brookfield has created one of the most unique training systems available to mankind to date. I have worked with athletes ranging from prepubescents to world-record holders. The Battling Ropes are one of those unique training tools that will stay in your “training tool box”. It is amazing what you can do with a section of 50-foot rope. You can train for muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, anaerobic endurance, muscular strength, power, and mental toughness with one training apparatus. I have used the Battling Ropes with the following sports: swimming, basketball, softball, baseball, golf, cross country, tennis, football, and especially with mixed martial arts fighters. The system can be adapted in numerous ways by manipulating the length and size of the rope. I even have my 9-year-old son train with a 1-1/4" rope in our den. This system can be used for almost anyone! Thank you for creating a “physiological phenomenon” for the world of physical conditioning!
Mike Martino, Ph.D., CSCS, ACSM-ETT, CES
Exercise Physiologist
1992 & 1996 USA Swimming Olympic Advisory Coaching Staff
NSCA Southeast Regional Director
NSCA Georgia State Director
Georgia College & State University
Milledgeville, GA

I would like to thank you for the very informative and rigorous demonstration of Battling Ropes. I am confident that the coaches in attendance will implement all aspects of the system in their respective sports. We will definitely be making it a significant part of our training and conditioning for our school's Wrestling Team. The best part of the whole system is that it is applicable to every sport. Thanks again for a great tool. We look forward to further consultation with you and your Battling Ropes. With Kindest of Regards,
Paul Bukky
Head Coach, Columbus Academy Wrestling
Wrestling Director of the Arnold Classic Fitness Expo

I was searching for a way of training for strength and speed that would also increase my flexibility. The best Highland Games athletes are also the most fluid in motion. I was talking with John Brookfield and he commented that I should take a look at rope training. He said that it creates forces which act upon the body in ways that normal weight training cannot. Knowing that John is a master at creating new and effective ways to exercise, I decided to pursue his suggestion. John Brookfield and Steve Mosley have produced a system of exercises that make use of heavy manila ropes. They demonstrated for me how to run through a circuit of exercises using a 50' x 1-1/2" inch rope. I immediately knew that Battling Ropes would fill the training need I have. Any athlete who is looking for a competitive edge should begin rope training. It is an intense training that is at the same time very safe. I expect to see Battling Ropes appear in a broad range of athletic endeavors and I believe it will become an accepted means of exercise.
Brian Mobley
Professional Highlands Games Athlete

There are a few words that describe John Brookfield’s Battling Ropes System:
Humbling – because it will tax your entire system in short order (60 seconds or less) regardless if you’re a world-class athlete or a novice.
Relentless - like the ocean surf pounding big rocks into grains of sand.
Versatile – the gains of strength, stamina, and power are mind-blowing.
Simple & Safe – suitable for handicapped, sedentary, and elite athletes.
I highly recommend John Brookfield’s innovative and challenging Battling Ropes System, DVD and workshop.
Jeff Martone
Tactical Athlete Training Systems, Inc.

I've been working out with John Bruney for 17 months now and it is amazing how great I feel. The Battling Ropes have always been a big part of our work out. I am 48 years old and I am not trying to compete in a strong man competition. My goal is to keep my heart and lungs in good condition and also gain a little strength. Being a head basketball coach, I am always looking for new, innovative ways to get my players into the best physical shape of their lives. Using the Battling Ropes increases the heart rate rapidly so a workout is about 45 minutes long. This is great for someone with the schedule that I have with such limited time. I love how we get our heart rate racing with the first exercise and keep it racing for the entire 45 minutes with different rope routines. Now, my personal resting heart rate is around 60 beats per minute (great for insurance purposes as well). I love using the different widths of ropes to work on different facets of my health. The 2" rope helps with strength as well as endurance and the 1" rope is great for quickness. Over the 17 months I can really feel a difference in the amount of time I can go and how much quicker I can get my reps in. One of my favorite routines is pulling the 2" rope around a poll for ½ mile - mile. I feel this has helped my upper body strength significantly. I also see a difference in my players upper body strength. I have really enjoyed doing these rope routines. They are different, fun and helpful for full body training. I love the energy I feel and the fact that I know these workouts push my heart rate to the limit. It has helped my players with their endurance as well. It is much more fun than the typical sprinting. I appreciate your creative thinking for workouts and a very special thank you to John Bruney for training me and helping give me new ideas for training my basketball players.
Scott LaPlace
Head Basketball Coach, Fremont High School, Fremont, IN

I have tried all the toys, kettlebells, sandbags, etc...Nothing compares to the Battling Ropes. What I love about the Battling Ropes is that you really don't have to keep shooting for heavier weights which can lead to injury and normally does. Instead, you go longer and harder. When you can't go anymore you just throw the rope down. I also love the fact I am getting strength and anaerobic at one shot. It's fun to watch my clients do it for the first time. They seem ok and then in about 15 seconds the look on their face changes. I have a lot of clients now who can make a minute at a hard pace and that is a great sense of accomplishment for them; you know you are improving. After one hard session I did, I literally had a pump all day. I have never nor do I know anyone that ever had that feeling from just lifting weights. Living in Colorado, I snowboard and ski and I can't think of anything else that can simulate the speed aspect of those sports while working the core tremendously. I am training college & junior lacrosse and tennis players and they love it. They love the fact that they are getting their butt kicked in such a short time. No need to spend an hour in the gym anymore. The women I train love and hate it. They love the fact they are working hard, but hate how hard it is.
Howard Waldstreicher
Owner, Half Hour Power, Denver, CO

I want to thank you once again for taking the time to provide me quality one-on-one training. Unlike many training systems nowadays, your (system) focuses on the quality--not quantity--of training. Everything I took part in truly enhanced the "mind-muscle connection." If a person hasn't achieved a warrior mindset, it will truly be called upon when taking part in the training that you offer. Most of all, the fact that you can "walk the walk" with what you offer is a testament to the "real world" applications of this training. I'm not only convinced, I'm converted over to the types of training you offer.
Joe Roberts
U.S. Army, Ft. Bragg, NC

I was so impressed with John Brookfield's Battling Ropes system. The concepts were easy to understand and learn, yet when I actually tried the drills they pushed my muscle and mental toughness to the maximum. I could envision how the exercises would not only make me more fit as a person, but they would also take my cheerleading squads to the next their next level of optimal performance and fitness. I cannot wait to incorporate this innovative training in their conditioning routines.
Amy Bruney
Head Cheerleading Coach, Trine University

I would like to say a little about myself and how the Battling Ropes training relates to me. First, I am a 47-year-old Lieutenant with Pinehurst Fire Department and consider myself somewhat in shape because of the jobs we are called to do. Sure, we have a mandatory two-hour physical fitness program at work and I run on my days off, have competed in three triathlons, a number Scott Air Pack Firefighter Combat Challenges, have won four Toughest Firefighter Challenges and have participated in many 5K and 10K road races. All of this comprised of the basic knowlesge of physical training and using various and expensive training aids. Then, I get a phone call from a friend of mine, Mr. John Brookfield. John knows that I train pretty hard for various events and thought I would like information on his Battling Ropes training. Being open, yet skeptical about this program, I went to his home where he explained and demonstrated the steps of Battling Ropes. I first look at John as if he has really fallen off his rocker after he hoisted large diameter manila ropes out to a basketball goal. He went on to explain the simple, yet very effective steps of Battling Ropes training. My turn to try this out and I was truly amazed. I was physically and mentally exhausted after about two, start and start minutes of rope training. Take it from me, this is a very cost effective program, it is simple to use, there is NO impact on any body part to cause injury and all it takes is a training session, a manila rope of at least 50 feet, a diameter of rope one can work with and a stationary object. This made a beliver in me and I hope to incorporate two different Battling Ropes exercises in to our bi-annual physical fitness testing. To anyone who has some reservations about this being a viable training tool: All I can say is to attend a Battling Ropes training class and see for yourself. It works! Thank you, John!
Lieutenant Rick Tufts
Pinehurst (NC) Fire Department

John's workout system is one of the best I've ever encountered. He took me and my co-workers through a 40-minute session that impressed everyone--even the initial unbelievers. The workout you get from doing John's exercises is something that has to be experienced to be believed. My co-workers and I do all kinds of workouts--from varying lifting/cardio routines to combatives (hand-to-hand)--yet what John showed us that day was amazing. I strongly endorse John's sessions for everyone! You will not be disappointed."
U.S. Army Special Forces

Our clients LOVE the Battling Ropes! They cannot believe the workouts that they're getting from them. I've made believers out of them. At first, they doubted the concept & thought that I was crazy. But, once they went through the workouts they thought differently. We use them as often as possible. I will probably have to order some more of the 50 footers - 1/1/2" & 2" soon!
Ray Anderson
Owner, Elite Fitness and CrossFit Murrieta

Thanks so much for the seminar. The application for conditioning and the direct application to overall fitness is excellent. We have begun to really implement more of the Battling Ropes training into our workouts of the day. The most surprising thing to me was the partner training. It was amazing how much the intensity increased in this environment. Just fighting against the power and the wave created by the other person was incredible. We are looking forward to the sport competition and events that you will be putting on. Thanks again for an awesome seminar. We are looking forward to exploring the world of ropes for overall fitness and fighter training.
Jason Culbreth
CrossFit North Carolina

As a female powerlifter and fitness guru, I am always looking for fresh, new and innovative ways to develop more power and strength as well as maintain the level of fitness I have achieved. The natural movements that emphasis the flow of current of the Battling Ropes System is a sure way to keep muscles sharp and conditioned, as well as improve strength gains, cardiovascular development and stamina. The knowledge, talent, and skill put into this innovation will sustain its position in the fitness industry for many years to come. Thanks, John!
Vanessa M. Hood
Fitness Center Director, Winston-Salem State University
YMCA Personal Training Instructor
IFTA Certified Personal Training Instructor
AAU World Powerlifting Champion
ChicoMetric Certified Training Instructor

John's seminar was fantastic! His knowledge and variety of exercises with Battling Ropes was immeasurable. The creativity and versatility of each exercise allows for a total body workout. Battling Ropes exercises can be geared towards any fitness level. I have been enjoying, exploring, and passing on this innovated training system to other women. As a female athlete I look forward to adding Battling Ropes to my training to reach my full competition potential.
Amber Burns
CrossFit Instructor, CrossFit North Carolina

Over the last 18 months, I have been integrating the Battling Ropes into my Primal Nature Workouts. I use the long ropes 2-4 times a week. I use the Battling Ropes in many different ways. Some days I use them for the warm-up or warm-down phase...other days they may be a main focus of the workout. I get as creative as possible with the Battling Ropes so that I am constantly having to adapt to new stress. I have experienced an increase in my grip strength, my endurance, and my ability to maintain joint stability and integrity from my play with the Battling Ropes. Thanks for adding to my arsenal of primal toys. Live Large,
Rocannon MacGregor, Ph.D.

The Battling Ropes provide a unique and very satisfying method of circuit integration. The Battling Ropes allow a person to fuse components such as sandbags, kettlebells and plyos by bridging. The Battling Ropes intensity can be raised or lowered safely without the fear of injury, so they fit ideally into the beginning, middle or end of any intense circuit.
Christopher Mize
Combatives Training Instructor, 20th SFG Birmingham, Alabama

The Battling Ropes provide not only a fantastic shoulder-and-grip workout, but they also are excellent for the posterior chain. The hams, glutes and lower back will be screaming in short order. Don't forget the cardio: The Battling Ropes will take care of that, too! The Battling Ropes are scalable, fun and easy to learn; they can be used to train de-conditioned folks or to provide a "kick butt" workout in elite athletes. Simple, effective and fun: This is a great piece of equipment that any athlete (especially a CrossFitter) would find to be a useful part of the toolbox. Just imagine the fun if sets of Battling Ropes would be combined with pullups and sandbag clean-and-presses for time!
Kelly Moore
Master of Sport, Olympic Clubbell Sport
Powerlifting Champion

John Brookfield's Battling Ropes System is a great addition to my training and fits wonderfully into my Kettlebell conditioning circuits. In addition to being an awesome anaerobic conditioning tool, it is also great for grip and muscular endurance and will no doubt benefit my training for Kettlebell Sport (GS).
Catherine Imes
Girevoy Sport Champion

I first met John Brookfield about sixteen years ago when he was becoming one of the world's top gripmasters. Well, he's been there, done that, got the t-shirt. John has been consistent in bringing new ideas to the fitness world. His latest one, Battling Ropes, has to be the best yet. It's the one system you can train anywhere, anytime, and get a full body workout that challenges you physically and mentally. I encourage you to try it!
U.S. Army Special Forces

John Brookfield's Battling Ropes System gives a fresh perspective on combining aerobic fitness and strength conditioning. The system is easy to follow and perform. I strongly endorse this innovative training system.
Dr. William Urosevich
Martial Arts Hall of Fame
Colonel, U.S. Army Reserve
Liaison Officer, West Point Military Academy

John Brookfield has been the driving force for many who seek to improve their strength and overall fitness. John continues to break new ground with his Battling Ropes System. I highly recommend the program offered from this world-class athlete. If it's power, endurance, and a combat-ready fitness system you seek, look no further: John Brookfield's Battling Ropes System will get you there!
Captain Murrel Tyson
Police Defensive Tactics Instructor, Athens, Georgia

I had the opportunity to experience the Battling Ropes system that John Brookfield has developed in developing sustaining power. I have to tell you that I experienced hard core training like never before. The core of my body was absolutely trashed after 60 seconds of the power surge that the ropes demand! I returned to Rancho Buena Vista high school and ordered four 50' ropes to put into my program. I am sure I will be ordering more in the near future.
Mike Burgener, CSCS
Senior International Olympic Weightlifting Coach
(Lift hard and heavy or go home to mommy!)

When it comes to the Battling Ropes system, doing is believing! I watched the presentation and said to myself, "I see the grip work and the local muscular endurance." When I tried out the exercises, it blasted my core and my heart rate shot up as well! There was so much more to the workout than my eyes had led me to believe. Talk about functional ab work. This training is perfect for athletes looking for a way to train their abs in a standing position to maintain midline stabilization and balance while absorbing tremendous outside forces. The exercises you can do with the ropes are only limited by your imagination! I am really impressed with the variety of exercises Mr. Brookfield has developed using this system.
Josh Everett
Strength & Conditioning Coach, UC Riverside Athletics, Riverside, CA

If you want to attack and conquer your anaerobic threshold and be able to build your strength at the same time, then the Battling Ropes system is what you need. I had the opportunity to train one-on-one with John Brookfield in Pinehurst, NC and it was not only an educating experience to me, but a humbling one. The Battling Ropes will show you what you’ve been missing from your daily training and then enhance your training very effectively in a short period of time. John Brookfield was not only a great teacher, but a very motivational one, too. Just seeing John work the Battling Ropes will give one the incentive and motivation to push themselves past their anaerobic threshold and achieve better results in one’s training. So, if you’re looking for a way to jump start your training to a new level or break through a plateau, then the Battling Ropes are for you!
Christopher Beltrante
Certified Circular Strength Instructor
ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Who could imagine a total body strength and conditioning routine with an intense cardio workout could be done with something as unassuming as a rope! Yes, that's right! The Battling Ropes will not only provide you with a total body workout, but also provide one for the entire family as well.
Maureen Martone
Co-Owner of Tactical Athlete Training Systems, Inc.

John Brookfield is one of the most innovative and original strength coaches in the business today. His new Battling Ropes system is an amazing approach to total fitness. The ropes are a whole body exercise approach that would benefit any athlete. I am now incorporating his techniques in my arsenal of moves for all my jiu jitsu fighters and submission wrestlers. The combination of strength, stamina, and cardio needed to get those ropes moving puts the finishing touch on my fighter's workouts.
Steve Maxwell
Two-Time Brazillian Jiu Jitsu World Champion
Owner, Maxercise Sports/Fitness Training Center

I have to say that the Battling Ropes system is unique and awesome! Only someone like John Brookfield who has spent his whole life experiencing and learning new ways to enhance the athlete's performance could have figured it out! I feel your Battling Ropes system trains the body to maintain power better than anything else imaginable! Thank you again for yet another great contribution to the strength and conditioning world.
Steve Cotter
Strength Coach
U.S. Full Contact Kung Fu Champion

I stopped being surprised years ago when John Brookfield would develop some new and creative way to develop power and fitness. I have never ceased being amazed! Brookfield's Battling Ropes system promises to be a versatile, creative, and radically effective means for "roping in" your next training goals!
Steve Jeck
Writer & Speaker
Author of the motivational bestseller, The Stone Lifter

I have been a personal trainer for over fourteen years and I have yet to find an implement that is as useful as John Brookfield's Battling Ropes System. This was just the right tool that my clients and I have been looking for!
Carey Stiller
Owner Fitness Unlimited, Lock Haven, PA

The first time I tried the Battling Ropes, I knew John was on to something special. I promptly ordered some Battling Ropes and implemented them into our program. Great grip and stabilizer work and the anaerobic equivalent of wrestling a bull!
Dave Campbell
Strength and Conditioning and Defensive Coach, Georgetown (KY) Football Team

John Brookfield, a.k.a. "Mr. Hands", has been a name synonymous with grip strength for years. What is sometimes overlooked, however, is that John has been able to develop his overall health and stamina to world-class proportions. Anyone looking to improve their speed, endurance and overall strength levels should pay close attention to John's advice!
Greg Stott
Founder Team IXL
U.F.C. XIII and XV
Champion Powerlifter

I was truly amazed at how quickly the Battling Ropes worked my entire body. I have worked out and been involved in athletics my entire life and never seen anything this effective. I am excited about the results I have achieved with the Battling Ropes!
Kim Sloan
Former Radio City Rockette

An innovative and explosive program, Battling Ropes is not for the weak of mind or heart. John continues to push the boundaries with unorthodox training programs. The use of John's system has far reaching benefits for sports and (other) professions. Every aspect of my training--from cardio to recovery--has seen improvements after using the Battling Ropes System.
Christopher Hash
Former Army Ranger
All-Conference Collegiate Lacrosse Player

John Brookfield's Battling Ropes program is the best fitness system I have ever seen. The Battling Ropes allow you to train for speed, strength and endurance all at the same time. This is the program for extreme fitness and developing mental toughness. John has elevated fitness to an art!
Pastor Jon Bruney
World Record Holder, Ripley's "Believe It or Not!"
Pressing The Limits
Owner, Swager Strength Equipment (SSE)

John Brookfield is one of the most innovative people I've ever worked with. Training with John and learning from him has elevated not only my own personal workouts, but has really helped raise the success level of my company.
Shaun Housekeeper
President, C.A.M.P. Acceleration
College Football All-American
Don Hansen National Linebacker of the Year

John Brookfield is set apart from other great athletes and innovators because he is a great teacher and communicator. John offers practical advice to the novice, as well as the champion athlete.
Ben Oldham, Ph.D.
Technical Advisor
Southeastern Conference Football

I have evaluated different systems all my life from a military perspective to a business perspective. However, with John Brookfield's Battling Ropes System, I was the one being evaluated!
Craig Collins
Former Navy Seal
Business Owner

John called me up to ask if he could speak at our annual North Carolina Strength Coaches Association Clinic. He said he had a strength system that "will revolutionize strength training". Holy Tamole! What a great presentation! He blew the attendees away! John brought everyone up to get their hands on his Battling Ropes. Everyone was very impressed and could see the value of the Battling Ropes as well as John's methods of training with them. We highly recommend the Battling Ropes along the additional DVD to add to any strength athlete's strength program. We also recommend the Battling Ropes for any strength coach when training his/her athletes. We can't wait to get our athletes training with John's methods when we get outside this April!
Ethan Reeve
Head Strength Coach, Wake Forest University

I first heard of John Brookfield through mutual friends. At their insistence, I bought his books and followed his training advice on hand strength, making excellent gains. I had the chance to meet him about a year ago for a private tutorial with kettlebells. His easy manner and no nonsense approach to strength training impressed me, so when I had the opportunity to see him at the North Carolina Strength Coaches Association clinic at Wake Forest University, I jumped at the chance. John had mentioned a new system he was working on and I was very eager to hear what he had to say. Well, he had me help demo several of the techniques with the Battling Ropes system and it was amazing at how quickly it smoked me! Everyone in the clinic that tried the system was clearly surprised at how hard it worked them in such a short amount of time, including world class strength trainers. As a law enforcement officer assigned to a SWAT team, I can say that this system will provide anyone who follows it with tremendous power and endurance for prolonged physical activity and a clear advantage in short bursts of activity requiring great power, such as subduing an opponent. When Mr. Brookfield speaks on strength training for functional applications, pay attention.
SWAT Officer and Law Enforcement Trainer

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