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John Brookfield is the founder, creator, and developer of the Battling Ropes System. John has been a leader in the strength and fitness world for many years now. He has been known around the globe for his amazing feats of strength and endurance. He has been on television with shows like Regis and Kathie Lee, The Today Show, and Good Morning America just to name a few. John has been featured in the Ripley's Believe It Or Not and the Guinness Book of World Records, as well as several publications including MMA Sports, Fighters Only and The Washington Post. John has authored four books, including Mastery of Hand Strength. Although John is 52 years old, he feels he has not yet reached his potential when it comes to his fitness level. By finding and developing the Battling Ropes system, John has found a new motivation to climb higher due to results that the system produces.

John Brookfield is a multiple world record holder and author. Even though John is 52-years-old, he is still going strong. Here is a short list of a few of John Brookfield's accomplishments.

#1 - John just recently pulled a truck weighing 24,000 pounds a distance of one full mile in one hour and 23 minutes. The mile pull was done without the use of any pulling ropes.

#2 - Just recently, John rolled up one-quarter mile of steel nonstop in 59 minutes. The world record was done by using 62 twenty-foot steel bars, which were 9/16" in diameter. Each bar was laying on the ground and had to be rolled up so tight that they fit into a small suitcase.

#3 - John Brookfield and Jon Bruney pulled a semi-truck weighing slightly over 32,000 pounds a distance of one full mile in one hour and thirty-six minutes. Much of the route had an upgrade.

#4 - John tore 100 decks of plastic-coated poker cards in half in two minutes and fifteen seconds.

#5 - John tore 60 decks of plastic-coated poker cards in half in one minute exactly.

#6 - John performed 1,200 kettlebell snatches in one hour exactly using a 53-pound kettlebell.

#7 - John performed 302 kettlebell snatches in ten minutes using a 53-pound kettlebell.

#8 - John bent 520 nails into a U-shape in one hour and forty-two minutes. The nails were 60-penny nails.

#9 - John rolled up a 20-foot, 5/8" steel bar in 33 seconds so tight it could be placed in an average-sized suitcase.

#10 - John used a 50-pound sledgehammer for one full hour and struck a tire about thirty times a minute non-stop throughout the hour.

To find out more about John's knowledge, physical prowess and what others are saying about the Battling Ropes, check out the Testimonial Page.


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