Battling Ropes Certifications by John Brookfield


     John is conducting certifications on an ongoing basis. The certifications are done in a small group or privately. By doing small groups or individual certifications John is able to train the person properly and adjust the training to best give the individual the best training to meet their needs. Whether you are a coach, competitive athlete, trainer or elite military you will walk away with the best training edge imaginable that will take you, your team or clients past the next level. By learning the Battling Ropes concepts you will walk away with a whole new group of tools for your tool box that can be implemented right away. The Battling Ropes training is demanding, effective, humbling, forgiving and safe all rolled into the same package.

     You will learn the principles of true velocity training which is rarely spoke of let alone understood. This velocity training is the most missing link in training and also the most result producing concept that will transfer into your individual battlefield. John Brookfield has researched the velocity concept hands-on for many years now and has developed different methods to produce tremendous results using these methods. He is constantly pushing himself to develop the best methods and also take his own physical and mental prowess to the highest level.

     Many may say that their is no secret methods in training for better results. However, while there may be no secrets, there are methods that have never been seen or understood before. John has created and developed methods that until now were unknown to athletes, trainers or coaches. Just like someone stepping into the ocean. You do not know whats there until you step into the water. These methods are there and do exist and can be learned and transferred into your sport or battlefield.


" I have known some very strong guys. However, John is one of those super rare guys who is not simply among the strongest in the world, but is truly head-and-shoulders above the rest of us. His specialty feats of strength are inconceivable in their scope and difficulty. All of his otherworldly power comes from his limitless faith and unending innovativeness and creativity. When it comes to developing strength, John smashes through all barriers. He knows no boundaries. Over his lifetime, he has developed thousands of simple and effective exercises and concepts. These home-grown approaches are available to everyone through his books, DVDs and seminars. His approach is simple, easy to understand, field-tested and proven. John Brookfield is a great hero, inspiration and friend to me and many of my other superstrong friends. "
Phil Pfister
2006 World's Strongest Man Champion

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